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Alpha Ferret Feast is a complete, ideal way of feeding your ferrets, meeting the nutritional needs of working, pet and show ferrets.

It is a premium feed, containing a high proportion of poultry meal (min 26%) and fish meal (15%) which are recognised as some of the best sources of meat protein.

Easy to feed, Alpha Ferret Feast removes the odour associated with some feeding regimes, and contains all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep a ferret in excellent health.

Zoe Davies from the Alpha Feeds supported British Ferret Club gives us some top tips on caring for your ferret:

  • As ferrets are highly intelligent and sociable, always consider keeping them in pairs
  • Unless you plan on breeding your ferrets have them de-sexed between 6 and 12 months old, to reduce the smell associated with reproductive glands and to ensure the health of female ferrets
  • Always buy the largest cage you can to give maximum space for exercise and play
  • Invest in several litter boxes: one for the cage and several for when playing outside the cage
  • Ensure ferrets are given plenty of time to explore outside the cage every day
  • Consider a ferret collar with a small bell attached, as it could make your ferret easier to find!
  • Regular check-ups with the vet and appropriate vaccinations are vital to keeping your ferret in the best condition possible
  • Feed ferrets ad-lib as they have a very fast metabolism
  • If your ferret becomes overweight, either increase its activity levels or reduce the amount of food
  • When feeding Alpha Ferret Feast to kits moisten with warm water until soft and allow to cool before feeding.

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