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Have you ever considered owning this athletic breed for your domestic pet?

If so, read on to find out more about this traditionally stubborn breed.

A husky dog’s core function is to work, and in particular to pull and run. Not surprisingly, this is why they have been used to pull sleds over long distances in Siberia for centuries.

However, as your domestic pet, you should consider getting them to pull you on a bike or scooter. Some huskies enjoy regular walks but this can be difficult for the owner as they will always pull on the lead. This will be difficult to stop as they have pulled for centuries as sled dogs. Do not use a retractable lead as this could cause your husky to pull even more.

If you choose to let your dog run off the lead, first make sure you have a secure location to do so. Historically, these dogs are used to a musher shouting a command to make the dog run away, so you need to be patient when calling them towards you. Obedience classes are ideal for training your husky.

Whatever you decide, exercise is very important for these dogs, but in particular allowing the dog to run and pull. If it is a warm day, you should only exercise your dog very early and late in the day, as they have a double coat, most suited to the bitterly cold climate of Siberia.

These dogs are very good at resting between exercise, especially when they have a sofa or bed to settle on! However, they dislike their own company, so if owners cannot provide constant attention, you should consider another canine companion for them. Ideally this should be a dog of about the same size and one that can keep up with the high energy levels of the husky.

Huskies are very clean dogs. They frequently groom themselves so very little extra grooming will be needed. However, huskies do shed quite a bit, especially during spring and autumn. At this time, they “blow” their coats which is a complete shedding of the undercoat. This takes about three weeks.

One of the most difficult things for owners to manage is the traditionally stubborn temperament of this breed. However, with plenty of patience you can earn their love and respect.

Huskies are intelligent and this is another reason why they require a lot of attention.

As huskies are pack animals they are used to having a pack leader. It is important that your husky recognises you as the leader. One way to establish this leadership is by controlling when he eats, thus the dog sees you as the sole source of his food and therefore his leader.

Mel Hannam from the Alpha Feeds supported Mystic Chariot says: “Feeding huskies depends upon the level of exercise they are having, but they will flourish on a diet such as Alpha High Performance where meat is the first ingredient and there is the right protein to oil ratio of 32% to 20%.”

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