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Alpha sponsor victorious team at 2019 Euro Challenge event

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springer spanielAlpha was very proud to sponsor the Great British team at Hatfield House again this summer, at the annual Euro Challenge event. Especially since the Great British team claimed the prestigious Euro Challenge title for the second time in three years.

Captain of the team, Phil Wagland, has been sponsored by Alpha for many years with the URC and the NGRA, so it was a great moment for us to see him lead his three-man team to victory, edging out defending champions Germany by just three points.

When asked about this win, Wagland said:

“It’s great because we have had the same team for three years in a row… The first year we won, narrowly from Belgium. Last year we came third when Germany won, so it is very satisfying to get a win again.”

What the competition involved:

The competition involved a variety of tricky retrieves, with each team consisting of three handlers and three dogs which have to be from different retriever breeds. The test simulated the many and varied situations that arise when shooting and picking-up with dogs, including walking-up in line, standing at a drive and retrieving from cover; over fences and from water.

Wagland was handling four-year-old Fieldquest Funnyline Kelbrook, who also won the prize of top golden retriever on the day too! He added:

“We have thoroughly enjoyed this year’s event. The organisers set up an interesting working test that gave every dog the opportunity to shine. It was a great atmosphere and it was fantastic to see so many people watching the action from all round the arena.”

Other members of the winning Great British team include Paul Birkbeck and Gary Ellison, experienced handlers who not only thoroughly enjoyed the event but also enjoyed watching their dogs truly shine.

Alpha are thrilled to have been supporting such a fantastic team and such a wonderful event too.

If you’re interested in future Euro Challenge events, then tickets for the 2020 event are on sale now via www.thegamefair.org or 0844 8586759.


‘The food of champions?’ That’s pretty bold!

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(Photo credits: John Lord, Angela Lord, Matthew Shin)

That’s a pretty big claim in anyone’s book so the first response to that bold statement is inclined to be “Yeah sure thing! Got anything to back that up with?”

The British Siberian Husky Racing Association (BSHRA) has recently concluded its 23rd season of competition and for the last few seasons we have enjoyed support from Alpha Feeds to promote its High Performance brand.

Meetings take place between mid-November and the first weekend of March and all the placings are hotly contested throughout the entire season; so much so that all classes are electronically timed to 1/100th of a second.

These dog teams aren’t a ‘hobby’, (running them at races is a hobby!) they’re a way of life, totally immersive, and at times it seems that our whole existence revolves around these beautiful, manic racing machines. Certainly, it takes year round time and effort in spades to keep these beasts exercised right and fed right.

But let’s be clear, the likes of Sir Mo Farrah or Dina Asher-Smith don’t achieve their success by sitting around on the couch eating chips; and that’s precisely why Alpha High Performance is a perfect fit for the siberian husky racing world.

On looking through the BSHRA medal placings, it becomes apparent fairly quickly that the people at Alpha have a perfect right to their claim!

Gold and Silver in the 8 dog class, Gold and Bronze in the 6 dog and Gold in the 4 dog class. It continues… Silver in the Bikejor, Silver and Bronze in the 2 dog, Gold and Silver in the Scooter. Every competitor in the Junior 2 dog class and Gold and Bronze in the Junior 1 dog class. Further, our Junior 2 dog champion Holly has a string of European and World successes including a junior Gold at the WSA World Championships!

You can’t argue with the facts; they’re there for all to see.
So when you read the tagline ‘The food of champions’, you can see that Alpha have already proved their point – #fuelledbyalpha!

Steve Rooke – Champion 8 dog class

Tim Hart – Champion 6 dog class

Kev Spooner – Champion 4 dog class and silver medallist 8 dog class

Steve Winkworth – 5th place 3 dog class

Tim Purser – silver medallist 2 dog class and Bikejor class

Andrew Gibson – Champion Scooter class

Holly Gibson – Champion Junior 2 (11-16 years) class
(also won Junior Gold at the WSA World Championships)

Harry Hart – Champion Junior 1 (8-11 years) class

Here’s a full list of top 5 positions won by dog teams using Alpha High Performance

The full set of results is available here

8 dog teams
Gold       Steve Rooke
Silver      Kev Spooner

6 dog teams
Gold       Tim Hart
Bronze   Luke Nicholls

4 dog teams
Gold       Kev Spooner
4th          Kirk Robinson

Silver      Tim Purser
4th          Sarah Gunby-Price
5th          Andrew Gibson

3 dog teams
5th          Steve Winkworth

2 dog teams
Silver      Tim Purser
Bronze   Andrew Gibson

Gold       Andrew Gibson
Silver      Jenna Cooper

Junior 2 dog
Gold       Holly Gibson
Silver      James Spooner
Bronze   Lucy Ransome
4th          Abigail Spooner

Junior 1 dog
Gold       Harry Hart
Bronze   Ryan Watson

Steve Rooke



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The United Retriever Club (North Midland Area) held an Open Working Test for Any Variety Retriever on Sunday 7th May 2017 at Cubley, Derbyshire by kind permission of The Hon. David Legh. 32 dogs were entered and prizes were generously sponsored by Alpha – the food of Champions.

The weather was warm and sunny, pleasant for dog work and also lunchtime picnics. The judges were Derek Capel and Guy Radford. With Steve Crookes as chief Steward. The morning tests involved a walk-up through a young plantation of trees. The two judges had four dogs in line, for three retrieves each. These were a forward mark, a diagonal mark and a tricky diagonal blind behind the line. After lunch there were two double retrieves. Guy judged near a small pond, with the dogs sent first for a blind, followed by a memory mark across the pond. On rolling pasture Derek judged a double mark, the dog picking one in the middle distance first, then sent back over a brow and out of sight for the more distant one. During the day most all the tests had produced their share of failures, so the number of clean dogs was fewer than usual.
Mr & Mrs Legh and Headkeeper Kim Robinson had watched the afternoon proceedings and were there for the presentations.

1st Garry Ellison with FCR B Ollersett Sparkling Nymph
2nd Charlotte Jeffrey’s LR B Derrity Rose
3rd Jane Fairclough’s LR B Stauntonvale Sangiovese at Jobeshill (Midland Area)
4th Susan Corden’s LR B Dalesprings Black Orchid
Water Cup : Paul Birkbeck’s LR D Warrenbank Fen

Report by Phil Wagland (Hon.Sec)

Photo of Prize winners attached L-R P Birkbeck, G Radford, J Fairclough, D Capel, G Ellison, C Jeffrey, S Corden.


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North Midland Area
18th September 2016

The Training Class Test brought the season of training on dummies to a close, ready for dogs and handlers to move on to picking game in the shooting field. Mr Robert Bower again invited us to Manor Farm, Carburton, Notts where we had varied ground for judges David Bellamy and Anna Wagland to test the dogs. As is usual this test is unclassified and divided into three separate classes. The day was sunny and pleasant, and the undulating ground included pasture, a block of maize, and mixed woodland dissected by rides. Three different breeds took part in a friendly atmosphere, with the tests designed to reflect the different stages of training for the three classes.
The awards and prizes of Alpha dog food were presented by our host Robert Bower and the awards were as follows:

1st. Mandy Minshall’s Lab d “Connor”

1st. Nessa Thompson@s Lab d “Pepsi”
2nd. Paul Williams’ GR d “Macy”
3rd. Caroline Hewison’s FCR d “Reef”
4th. Marlene Dobson’s Lab d “Spice”
CoM. Cherry Wood’s FCR d “Raven”
1st. Christina Robinson’s Lab d “Eddy”
2nd. Phil Robinson’s Lab d “Quin”
3rd. Terry Dobson’s Lab d “Brigadier”
4th. Nessa Thompson’s GR d “Willow”
CoMs: Polly Morten’s Lab d “George”
Mandy Minshall’s Lab d “Flynn”


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price line up18th September 2016. 14 dog Novice stake for AV Retriever at Broughton, North Lincolnshire by arrangement with Mr Gordon Holt and NGRA team of guns. Judges: Mr David Probert, Mr Philip Smithies, Mr Steven Burns & Miss Sharon Kitson. Sponsors Alpha Foods.

1st and Guns Choice Dave Sidwell Oakshot Aragon
2nd Sandra Halstead Drakeshead Alfie
3rd Philippa Williams Castlemans Sonoran
COM Kristian Bredahl Olesen Blackthorn Quango
Best Golden Retriever Alan Richardson Gortons Roaring Thunder

The first NGRA field trial of the season was held at Broughton, North Lincolnshire. The weather was dull with drizzle. Most of the trial involved a walk-up through a large field of sugar beet with a fairly steady supply of red-legged partridges. There were 11 Labradors, two Golden Retrievers and one Flatcoated Retriever running. Our seven guns shot accurately and walking the beet produced marked retrieves. One dog ran in, one failed on a runner, and two were eyewiped. With one further failure nine dogs progressed to the third round.

However a long retrieve to the far field boundary saw four dogs eyewiped by the judges. With the remaining five in close contention during the third round, the judges asked for a sixth retrieve. A drive at a maize plot proved barren, so after a lunch break we walked up a swathe of thistly rough ground towards a duck pond. After good work and an earlier eyewipe Alan Richardson’s Golden unfortunately failed to find, yielding an eyewipe for the eventual winner. The four Labradors sharing the awards included one from Denmark. The prizes were sponsored by Alpha Feeds.

Phil Wagland (FT Secretary)

Photo shows Judges and Award winners