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Feeding the Working Sheep Dog

By Dec 2March 19th, 2018No Comments

Kelpies are fast becoming a worthy choice for the working life of a sheep dog. Kevin Lyndhurst a well-known Kelpie breeder and trainer sponsored by Alpha Feeds, sheds’ some light on this Australian breed and tells’ us why they are such fantastic dogs.

What qualities make a good Kelpie?

In a nutshell it is down to good and proven bloodlines, intelligence and physical ability.

The Kelpie has the capability to muster sheep or cattle without being guided or commanded. This is why intelligence is key because they need to be forward thinkers.

Known for their signature move of jumping onto the backs of sheep to get to the cause of the jam when in single file, the Kelpie needs to be agile.

What exercise regime is best put in place for a Kelpie?

This depends on the amount of work the dog is currently doing. If they are working with sheep, the dogs will be put to the test a lot during the summer periods. Winter will be quieter unless you have sheep that are not breeding so the dog will be working all year round. The exercise programme should be based around your dogs’ level of work.

What dogs do you currently have?

I currently have nine Australian Kelpies but in the future I will have a few litters’ puppies on the way which I am very excited about.

What is your routine with them?

I do have my dogs out a lot and constantly feed their intuition by keeping them active. They are all kept in kennels outside, so in the morning I let them out for some exercise and a walk.

I currently don’t have any sheep, but if I do the dogs will be working with the sheep during the day.

At the moment during the week, I take them all with me to work so they are out and about. In the evening I take them for a walk sometimes with my mountain bike before turning in for the night.

Which dog is your top one at the moment?

I wouldn’t pick a favourite. There isn’t one that I dislike more than all the rest and there isn’t one I would say is better. They are all genuinely great all round dogs who are enormously intelligent and I have so much admiration for the breed.

Any future plans?

I am obviously looking forward to the puppies coming and I will carry on with the breeding programme. I believe the pedigrees are so important and I used to import from Australia, but now there is no need to because I have new bloodlines.

I will carry on working my dogs and also continue with my teaching ranging from basics to advanced level and cover all aspects from field to farm.

What do working Kelpies or Sheep Dogs need from their food?

There should be two main objectives when supplying them with food. One is to keep your dog healthy and the other is to have the correct levels of protein which will give your sheep dog the energy it needs to work.

Alpha Feeds offer a great range of kibble which is nutritionally balanced and formulated for health and vitality. I feed Alpha Junior & Active and for the young ones Alpha Sporting Puppy which ensure they get everything they need for their health and wellbeing.

The range includes feeds which offer different levels of protein so owners can pick the appropriate food for their dog which will supply them with the correct level of energy for their purpose be it high performance, maintenance or rest.

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