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The brilliance of the Border Collie

By Aug 28September 8th, 2020No Comments

border collie laying in grass

Border Collies are smart, eager and always alert. Not only are they a popular working dog breed, they’re the 7th most popular breed of all dogs in the UK in 2020 and it’s not hard to see why.

Exceptionally easy to train, Border Collies are great around children and other animals and despite having beautiful, long coats, they don’t tend to shed as much as other breeds, which is a very practical plus.

Here are four excellent reasons why we believe the Border Collie is brilliant….

Athletic prowess

Border Collies are very energetic. With minimum effort they move freely and smoothly with both speed and stealth, which is what makes them amazing at herding.

With the ability to jump 6-foot-tall fences, they are incredibly agile dogs who are able to dodge, weave and jump with grace – that’s why the Border Collie frequently wins canine sporting activities for their agility skills.

Because the Border Collie is full of energy, it is important to keep them active, both mentally and physically, from an early age. From about two months, start to train your Collie basic commands, such as ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ in stride. As they are superfast learners, he will soon be keen move on to the more challenging agility moves.

Intelligent and obedient

Intelligence is what really sets the Border Collie apart from other breeds in this field.

Ranked number one for intelligence out of all herding breeds has resulted in the Border Collie being the shepherd’s go to sidekick for generations. Their love of the outside, high energy levels, athletic ability and enjoyment of a challenge makes them the perfect fit.

Once trained, Collies rarely get it wrong. It is usually very hard to break their focus, making them an owner or handlers dream. With an extremely strong instinct to work alongside man, they are always ready and alert to commands. They are patient too, and are good with authority, children and other animals.

Friendly, playful and driven

Border collies are affectionate and love to get your approval in the form of praise, treats and cuddles. They have a tendency to form a particularly strong bond with one member of the household, but their pack mentality means they will always be friendly and affectionate to the rest of the household too.

As a puppy, they are all about playtime and will happily fetch and catch all day. This playfulness never really leaves them making them an excellent playmate for life.

With the focus, stamina and enthusiasm of an athlete, it is in the Collie’s nature to ‘get the job done’. Not only does this make them great for herding, it also means they are extremely obedient, particularly if they know they will be rewarded for their efforts with a treat or two.

Strong work ethic

Border Collies have herding down to a fine art. Herding is a trait that is deeply embedded in the Collie’s psyche, so they naturally are excellent at rounding up the troops and leaving no stragglers behind.

Collie’s do have a high prey drive and will chase any animal, whether large or small. This is not necessarily to hurt it, more because they feel the need to. Nonetheless, it is important for the Collie to understand the ‘recall’ command, and obey it instantly, otherwise they cannot be let loose around livestock.

Not only do Collie’s work hard to herd sheep, they are also a popular choice for search and rescue dogs, as well as tracker and sniffer dogs too.

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