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November 2016

Northern Golden Retriever Association Novice Field Trial

Report of the Northern Golden Retriever Association Novice Field Trial

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The Northern Golden Retriever Association Novice trial for AV Retriever was held on 24th November at Hy Fly Game Farm by kind permission of Mr Graham Holden and the NGRA team of guns.

The start was delayed, but two competitors still did not arrive in time so substitutes had to run. The weather was fine with a touch of morning frost.

The trial was walked up in blocks of root crops, bordered by ditches and adjacent stubbles and plots of maize. Steward of the Beat Kevin Hughes controlled the line and a steady flush of pheasant and partridge, with an odd duck were expertly dealt with by Trefor Richards’ team of guns.

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Field Trial Result

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2nd & The Eastdale Trophy for the Guns’ Choice : Dr Shamanthi Shankar’s Labrador dog FENHART OPAL OF BARONSBRIDGE’.

This was a walked up trial in roots, with a very good show of birds produced by Steward of the Beat Kevin Hughes.

Trefor Richards’ team of guns shot exceedingly well. Twelve Labradors and two Golden Retrievers competed.

Judy Rainey and Paul Birkbeck judged on the right, with Judith Evans and John Yarwood on the left. Work was good initially but then some dogs faltered. Three were then eyewiped by the judges. Only three were left for the third round, soon reduced to two.

Last year’s winner Scott Marland was in contention until his dog failed on the only runner of the day. This left Shamanthi Shankar’s yellow dog as the only competitor to complete five retrieves and be awarded 2nd place and gun’s choice.

Thanks to Alpha Feeds for providing prizes from the range of performance dog food.