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Alpha Feeds has launched an exciting new sponsorship search!

Whatever your chosen discipline, gundog events, the sport of agility, showing, flyball, or sled racing the competition is open to everyone and the North Nottinghamshire-based team want to hear from you!

Well known for their range of top quality dog food, Alpha Feeds currently sponsor Husky Rally champions, Retriever Clubs, Canicross and Bikejor experts, dog shows and events around the country and you or your club could be the new members of the team!

Don’t let these superstar sponsors put you off entering. Whether you are just starting out competing at novice level or are about to go international the competition is open to everyone.

Said Sean Cox of Alpha Feeds: “We are very fortunate to support many of the major names across the disciplines but this new sponsorship is open to everyone as well as younger competitors, start up events, clubs and teams.

“This latest search is open to all and is our way of helping an individual dog owner, training club or the next rising star with their exciting journey.
“There are no set rules for the lucky winner and we are looking for and would welcome an entry from anyone who feels they could be the next person or club to join the Alpha Feeds team.

“The sponsorship will start from March 2017 and we will also provide in-depth nutritional support as soon as our winner is announced to help get their dogs in great shape for the year ahead.”

Prizes include:
• £500 worth of sponsorship
• 36 bags of food of their choice
• Branded clothing for three people

All you have to do to be in with the chance of winning is email Alpha Feeds at

Write in no more than 200 words why you or your club deserve the sponsorship, provide information about your dogs and your ambitions for the future. Attach a photograph of yourself competing.

The deadline for entering the sponsorship search is February 28, 2017.