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Test Dates


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The United Retriever Club (North Midland Area) held Working Tests on 19th June 2016 at Haughton Warren, Nottinghamshire by kind permission of Mr T Banks & The Bevercotes Park Shoot. The judges were Charlotte Smith, Malcolm Peacock and Alan Richardson. The prizes were sponsored by Alpha The Food of Champions.

The Puppy and Novice Handler tests ran simultaneously, with four components judged by Charlotte and Malcom. There were 11 puppies and 9 novice handler entries. Some started with a marked retrieve from a pond judged by Malcolm, and others with a mark in long grass assessed by Charlotte. Malcolm next judged the dogs on a blind along a vehicle track through the grass. Charlotte tested the heeling of the dogs, which were then sent back along the path for a retrieve.

The awards were presented by Mrs Jenny Richardson at lunchtime.


  1. Tidaross Byron LR D Chris Johnson
  2. Bearbrace Gloveian LR D Ian Glover
  3. Lanataweood Heligan LR B   Mrs K Bowman
  4. Idonea Southdownway GR D Harvey Richardson

Novice dog/Novice Handler

  1. Millcoe Girl LR B       Miss E Benfield
  2. Lanataweood Heligan LR B   Mrs K Bowman
  3. Idonea Southdownway GR D Harvey Richardson
  4. Long Marsh Anna LR B         Billie-Jo Wagstaff

CoM: Briffoaks Cerberus LR D Philip Robinson

There were 23 entries for the Novice test. This commenced in the morning with two tests judged by Alan Richardson. The first was a long mark in a grass strip alongside a ditch. The second was a blind across a ditch into the corner of a wood near a release pen. All dogs progressed to the afternoon tests. Alan judged a mark into a large pond.

The dogs found this easy. Meanwhile Charlotte and Malcolm judged a walk-up with four dogs in line through long grass with clumps of thistles and other weeds. Each dog went under both judges, with a marked retrieve under Malcolm and a blind judged by Charlotte. Although there were some clean retrieves many dogs struggled and failures gave the chance of eyewipes. To conclude Alan judged a long blind in pasture alongside a wood, where many dogs performed excellently.

Thus there had been many ups and downs for competitors and no run-offs were required to sort the places. The prizes were presented by our Vice-President Elaine Welburn.

Novice. 1.Briffoaks Cerberus    LR D Philip Robinson

  1. Flashmount Cracker LR D Sally Plant
  2. Monwodeliea Cabiri LR D Marlene Dobson
  3. Lowsommer Dark Sika LR D Sharon Eadson

CoMs: Emmanygan Zetas LR B Anne Austin

Kendeci Severn LR D Chris Johnson

Venus in Transit over Casblaidd FCR D Caroline Hewison

The 26 dogs entered for the Novice Test faced tests simulating work on the shoot. In the morning Paul Birkbeck judged a double mark in the rough grass of Pondhole drive. Nearby June Brocklesby judged a mark in long grass, followed by a blind next to a hedgeline. After lunch Geoff Dobb judged in Fishpond Wood. Two shots saluted a blind on a narrow path, and a mark on an adjacent pond. With the blind required first, the memory retrieve on the water proved too tempting for several. Meanwhile June Brocklesby judged a blind in a set-aside strip alongside the wood. A broad belt of cover crop was the setting for a walk-up judged by Paul Birkbeck and Mandy Minshall. Four dogs were in the walk-up, during which each had a forward mark and a back mark. As in the morning accurate marking and a good nose was needed to succeed in rank cover.

Various difficulties had been overcome by the five dogs in the awards, with run-offs required to decide the placings. The awards were announced by Chief Steward Steve Crookes in front of the Alpha banner.

  1. Pebbletoft Pepper GR D Phil Wagland
  2. Mistybrook Maive of Moscargrange GR B S&AM Crookes (H=Anne Crookes
  3. Gortons Roaring Thunder GR D Alan Richardson
  4. Greenbriar Conder at Annsfarm LR B A.Beal (H=George Longden)

CoM: Lowforge Di Canio                   LR D   Audrey Ellis

Photos show Judges and Award winners.

Puppy Test Award winners and Judges : L-R: A Carey, F Newton, A Sweeney, G Dobb (J), T Dobson, S Kitson, J Brocklesby (J), M Minshall (J), M Dobson, P Birkbeck(J).

Novice Test. Judges standing L-R G Dobb, J Brocklesby, M Minshall, P Birkbeck. Award winners kneeling in front: L-R: G Longden, A Crookes, P Wagland, A Richardson, A Ellis.