Alpha Original Extra Premium Muesli 15kg – 21% Protein



Alpha Original Extra Premium Muesli style recipe has been nutritionally formulated as a complete balanced diet for adult dogs of all ages

Original Extra Premium Muesli is a blend of the best cooked, flaked cereals,  flaked vegetables and wholesome biscuits, with a range of vitamins and minerals which provide a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet for your dog.

  • Carbohydrates for Sustained Energy Release
  • Nutritionally Formulated for Health and Vitality
  • Easily Digestible & Palatable Ingredients
  • Balanced and Nutritionally Complete
  • VAT FREE in the UK
  • 21% Protein
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Up to 15kg 105g -240g
15kg-25kg 240g -353g
25kg-35kg 353g – 454g
35kg-45kg 454g – 548g
45kg plus 548g plus