Alpha Worker Maintenance 15kg – 19% Protein



Alpha Worker Maintenance is nutritionally formulated as an energy controlled, complete diet. It is suitable for less active or older dogs to help maintain a healthy weight.

Alpha Worker Maintenance is a complete and balanced diet containing freshly cooked meat along with a range of vitamins and minerals which provides an energy controlled, wholesome food for dogs. All the meat and cereals are carefully cooked and blended in order to ensure that digestion is optimised. Alpha Worker Maintenance is also ideal for owners who wish to add extra meat or fish protein for more active, working and racing conditions.

  • Ideal for over-weight dogs or those with a tendency to weight gain
  • Supports the dietary needs of older dogs
  • Tasty and delicious
  • VAT FREE in the United Kingdom
  • 19% Protein
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Up to 15kg 180-245g
15kg-25kg 245-359g
25kg-35kg 359-462g
35kg-45kg 462-557g
45kg plus 557g plus



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